Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Fine Arts

Mr. Hosey

My name is Richard Hosey. I am a passionate corporate brand designer seeking to design a world and teach in it as well. My passion has been thriving in the teaching world. I came from being a freelance graphic designer to designing voices for small businesses and corporations, to becoming inspired by younger generations, creating a world revolving around art and creativity. I would describe my work efforts as dependable and adaptable. I’m eager to engage in any workplace and grow as a designer through taking each and every opportunity bestowed upon me. I value a comfortable and hard-working environment that revolves around community building and is team-work oriented.

I am a freelance graphic designer and have been since 2015. I also come from experience of being a children's/youth director for the United Methodist Church and worked lovingly in that field for 2 years and a half. I currently work back in my home town of Arlington, TX, as a substitute teacher for 6 months before finding my passion for teaching. Now, excitingly and passionately working for Advantage Academy GPE.

My art studio at GPE will always offer a creative and respectful environment. Each student will walk into my art studio doors and receive a new creative outlook on something they hadn't quite creatively thought of yet. I see greatness and creativity in all of my students. My students will always show:




My favorite pillar of leadership is humility. No matter what, everyone should incorporate humbleness and a sense of community when working with themselves or others. Having humility can spark creativity in everything that you are passionate about.