• Join Us in Growing the Advantage Academy Family for the 2023-2024 School Year!

    We're excited about the upcoming school year and we want you to join us in expanding the Advantage Academy family. Here's how you can get involved:

    Champion a Friend Student/Family Referral Program

    We're thrilled to introduce the "Champion a Friend" Referral Program! As part of the Advantage Academy family, your recommendations hold significant weight. By referring friends to join our community, you can contribute to our growth and earn exciting rewards!

    Earn Champion Rewards:

    • 1 Referral: You'll receive $50 in Taco Bucks, an Advantage Academy Swag Bag, and a shoutout on our social media platforms.
    • 2 Referrals: In addition to the first referral rewards, you'll earn an extra $50 in Taco Bucks and become eligible for a special field trip.
    • 3 Referrals: On top of the benefits from the first and second referrals, you'll receive another $50 in Taco Bucks and the unique opportunity to experience being Principal For A Day!

    For our high school students, every referral also earns you an hour of community service.

    Once a student enrolls and attends Advantage Academy, your student will be notified of their reward.

    Here's How to Participate:

    When the student you've referred initiates the enrollment process at Advantage Academy, they simply need to select the “Referred” tab in the enrollment form and mention the student who referred you. To qualify for the rewards, the referred student must successfully enroll and attend Advantage Academy.

    Summer Community Events

    This summer, Advantage Academy will be actively participating in community events every Friday and Saturday to spread the word about enrollment for the upcoming academic year - and we want you to be part of it!

    Your involvement, enthusiasm, and testimonies can make a significant difference in presenting the vibrant Advantage Academy community to prospective families. If you're interested in joining us in these community events, please reach out to Katrina Davis or Taylor Karrh at (214) 276-5800 or (214) 276-5822.

    Students and families who participate will receive special recognition and various rewards as part of our community engagement initiative. Let's make this summer a memorable one by growing the Advantage Academy family together!