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Grand Prairie East Staff Directory

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Amber Ayala-Diaz

Titles: Special Education Aide

Clarnesia Carter

Titles: 11th-12th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Lorena Chica

Titles: 9th-10th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Rachel Delflache

Titles: 9th-12th Grade Math Teacher

Veronica Fabela

Titles: Child Nutrition Staff

Hannah Gill

Titles: High School Academic Guidance Counselor

David Henderson

Titles: Career & Technical Education Teacher

Catherine Irerua

Titles: 8th-12th Grade CTE Teacher

Marlo Jordan

Titles: Special Education Teacher

Samantha Kelsey

Titles: 9th-12th Grade English Teacher
1 2 > showing 1 - 10 of 20 constituents