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Our Students

Student Life at Advantage Academy

We believe in meeting the unique needs of all students - body, mind, and spirit - through:

  • A safe, healthy, nurturing, and faith-friendly environment
  • Active and personalized learning
  • Family and community engagement
  • Character, servant leadership, and personal responsibility
  • Truth in American history, civic virtue, and service

Advantage Academy creates well-rounded experiences for our students so they can grow and develop a purpose for their future. Our students learn to connect their learning in the classroom with all other areas of their life, form relationships, and become the Champions they are meant to be!

A group of students smile and raise their hands with a paper craft in front of them,
Group of students in uniforms pose and smile.
Students hold up encouraging signs for STAAR testing day.
A student speaks into a microphone while standing at a podium.
A group of young students smile on a school bus.
A group of women and girls pose in front of a backdrop that reads, %22Educate a woman, empower the world.%22