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Advantage Academy Substitute Teachers to Receive Increased Pay

We are pleased to announce that Superintendent, Dr. McDonald has approved a pay increase for Advantage Academy Substitute teachers. We are excited about introducing new highly competitive substitute rates which surpass local ISDs to reflect the value of their work. These new rates will ensure that we continue to provide quality instruction for our students throughout the school year. The new daily rates are effective beginning Thursday, January 20, 2022 and are as follows:

Non-Degreed Substitute Teachers: $120 daily

Bachelors Degree and Higher Substitute Teachers: $150 daily

Long-term Substitute Teachers: $175 daily (Substitute teachers will receive long-term rate after 10 consecutive days working on a qualifying assignment. This rate will apply beginning on the 11th assigned day). 

*Substitutes serving in clerical, custodial, or child nutrition positions are classified as "temporary employees" and are subject to different daily rates. 

If you are a substitute looking for a great school to join, please visit our employment section of the website for more information and to explore open positions. 

You can also click here to find Substitute Teacher FAQs.