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4-Day Instructional Week Proposal

Hello Advantage Academy Family,

Thank you for your time and your participation in this very important and progressive new journey that we are exploring together. We value your input and appreciate your candor. We know that change comes with its challenges and victories. It is our goal to continue to foresee potential challenges and implement helpful and successful solutions that lead to victorious outcomes for our students, family, and staff.

We are offering an additional opportunity for you to fill out the survey, review the information attached, and carefully consider what is being presented.

You'll find a very helpful guidance document that addresses frequently asked questions along with sensible answers. There is also a video from Advantage Academy's Superintendent, Dr. Angela McDonald offering more insight to the 4 Day Instructional Week structure. 



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS GUIDE - A Guide for Advantage Academy's 4-Day Instructional Week with Flexible Friday (1).pdf 

Thank you again for your time and participation. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Advantage Academy