5 Ways We Define a Champion

Posted by Advantage Academy on 5/12/2021 11:00:00 AM

Advantage Academy is a PK-12 tuition-free public charter school serving students in North Duncanville/SW Dallas, Grand Prairie, and Waxahachie. At Advantage Academy, we believe that every student deserves access to quality instruction, and every parent deserves choice in their child's education. We are proud of our students, our staff and our Champion Culture. Here’s what Champion means for us and how we enable champions everyday: 

1. Building Champions.

Our motto is “Building Champions with a Future and a Hope.” At Advantage Academy, we not only want our students to believe in themselves, we guide our students to develop a hope for their lives and a sense of purpose for their future. One small way students are affirmed and motivated is through our champion pledge that gives voice to each student that they have what they need to be a champion!

2. Pledging to be a Champion. 

“I have an amazing brain and unique gifts; Great things lie ahead of me; I can achieve what I need to achieve; I won’t quit believing in myself because I am a champion.” 

Our elementary students recite our Champion Pledge each morning, along with the Pledge of Allegiance, Texas Pledge and a moment of silence. Our Champion pledge includes repeating the ideas that each Advantage Academy student is unique, has an amazing brain and can achieve their dreams.   

“[The character program] has encouraged my son to reach high and not settle. It has helped him believe in himself, and he knows 'I am somebody.'" - Parent, AA GPW

 Advantage Academy and kindergarten graduation

3. Competing as a Champion.

Our small public charter school enables every athlete to play on our sports teams -- from elementary school to high school. Advantage Academy athletes are coached based on the values of character, leadership, sportsmanship, and citizenship. 

Our athletic program is committed to ensuring that student athletes learn in the classroom and on the field of play. Sports offered at Advantage Academy are based on student interest and participation. We play flag football, basketball, softball, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, tennis and track.   

When we are able to resume team sports, we will! Every Advantage Academy student who has the heart for the game, can be on the team. This is a real benefit of being in a smaller, close-knit public charter school. 

Advantage Academy sports compete as a champion

4. Living as a Champion.

Our seven pillars of character and leadership highlight the attitudes, goals, and mindset of champions! Champions have the tools, abilities, and confidence to make a difference within themselves and the world around them.

Character and leadership are at the core of our educational model at Advantage Academy. Through a district-wide Pillar of the Month and ongoing classroom enrichment, our students learn and incorporate these traits as part of their everyday language and culture.  

Advantage Academy showcases champions

5. Showcasing a Champion. 

We believe in providing the best learning opportunities for every student. This includes engaging them --  mind, body, and spirit. In social studies, our Advantage Academy students create a future vision board to showcase what being a Champion means to them. 

In our social studies classes, students engage in daily conversations about specific character traits that align with their personal vision for a champion; skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, character, citizenship, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

By recognizing our motto, learning the pledge, joining athletic teams and embracing our seven pillars -- our Advantage Academy Eagles can identify and assert the champion within! 

About Advantage Academy 

Advantage Academy prepares each unique PK-12 student for bright futures in our safe, healthy and faith-friendly charter school environment. Learning is active, nurturing and individualized, and our commitment to family and community engagement thrives alongside our character development, servant leadership, and focus on personal responsibility. We’re reimagining education to encompass the truth in American history, the importance of civic virtue, and the holistic value of service. Join our PK-12 tuition-free public charter school, today! Enrolling now.