Life After High School: Advantage Academy Prepares Students for Success

Posted by Advantage Academy on 5/26/2021 10:00:00 AM

The teenage years move quickly, and without support it can be easy for students to find themselves without a plan after high school. Even the most diligent learners can be stymied by the many paths that are available to them. Complicated application processes required by employers, schools and the military are often challenging to navigate for students and families alike.

At Advantage Academy we are dedicated to preparing our students for lifelong success. We offer a variety of resources and support to help each student chart a path after high school that can include college, career, or military service. 

“I plan to attend Texas A&M University to obtain a Biomedical Science degree. I want to say, thank you to all of my Advantage Academy teachers who helped me so much this year.” - Alma S. Advantage Academy graduate

We Lay the Groundwork for Success

Advantage Academy gives all students a foundation of academic excellence starting in the earliest grades. We teach students how to set goals and achieve them, both inside and outside the classroom. For struggling students, we offer free tutoring and weekly mentoring services to help them successfully graduate with a vision for their future. 

Beginning in 8th grade, Advantage Academy champions learn about the options awaiting them after high school. Our students and families set goals around college, career or military service, and learn the steps necessary to achieve these goals. The district guidance counselor supplies information on college admission, financial aid, and exam preparation as well as military information.  

Advantage student dressed in military fatigues

We Help Students Take their First Steps

Staying on track with college admissions, job applications or military recruitment can be difficult. At Advantage Academy we support our students with a variety of readiness activities. 

  • We encourage college-bound seniors to apply for admission to at least 2 colleges or universities.
  • We assist seniors planning to pursue a career in the military in completing the ASVAB and speaking with a recruiter of their choice.
  • We help seniors who plan to go straight into the workforce after graduation to complete a career/interest inventory and support them in submitting at least one job application.
  • We require students to participate in college readiness assessments, beginning in 8th grade. This includes NWEA, PSAT/NMQST, ACT or SAT, TSI or Edgenuity Equivalent Readiness assessment.

We Give Students a Head Start 

Advantage Academy students can begin building their futures before they graduate. 

  • Career and Technical Education courses (CTE) - are designed to prepare students with the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in an occupational environment. Students have the opportunity to select various Programs of Study, and can earn college credit, industry level training, certifications, and internships while still in high school. CTE courses encourage students to develop a personal career plan and provide information for post-secondary education opportunities. Advantage Academy offers CTE Programs of Study in Business and Industry and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). After meeting course requirements, students can earn a prestigious CTE Pathway Endorsement on their diplomas, becoming more marketable in their college or career search.
  • Internships with local businesses - each year Advantage Academy partners with area businesses to support our students with internships. Students can choose from a variety of industries, including accounting, graphic design, manufacturing, and more.
  • Free college credit - for 10th-12th grade students who qualify, Advantage Academy offers the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at the same time through dual credit courses. We are proud to partner with Dallas County Community College (Mountain View location) and Texas State Technical College for dual credit classes. Tuition at either college is free, and textbooks are provided at no charge to students.  

We Celebrate Success

We love staying connected with our Advantage Academy champions! Our graduates go on to achieve their goals and do amazing things in our community. Advantage Academy alumni are invited to return to campus and share their successes with our current students, inspiring them to dream big!

Advantage graduating class of 2021

About Advantage Academy 
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