School Sports - Building Champions On and Off the Field

Posted by Advantage Academy on 6/2/2021 9:00:00 AM

Advantage Academy was founded 23 years ago by educators who believed in the value of character development and leadership. Today, you can walk into any of our schools and find those very same values evident in our classrooms and hallways, in the Champions Pledge that our students recite each morning, and in our motto: “Building Champions with a Future and a Hope”. 

But our commitment to student success doesn’t stop at our four walls. Advantage Academy builds Champions on our playing fields, tracks and courts. Team sports include flag football, basketball, softball, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, tennis and track, and are offered based on student interest. Our athletic programs inspire life skills and give kids a foundation for success that they can bring back to the classroom and into their futures.

Balanced Coaching

Advantage Academy coaches are also teachers or staff at our schools. They know the student athletes well and have trusted relationships with their families. Our coaches use the 7 Pillars of Character and Leadership in working with their players - the same components that are emphasized throughout our school curriculum and culture. The 7 Pillars represent an approach to teaching character that is grounded in integrity - encouraging student athletes to be honest and respectful with coaches, teammates, and officials. 

Building Social Skills

Sports help students learn essential tools for getting along with others, respecting authority, and effective communication. These are skills they can use for the rest of their lives, while gaining the benefits of healthy physical activity!

Advantage students in a huddle while playing flag football

Friendly Competition

Students of all ages can benefit from learning how to effectively manage competition. Advantage Academy sports programs advocate discipline and humility and work with students to make competition healthy and fun for every player, regardless of their skill level. It’s very common for opposing team coaches and parents to comment on the excellent sportsmanship of Advantage Academy players. They are amazed at how respectful and encouraging they are with their teammates, regardless of the score. 

Advantage softball team with trophy

Growing Grit

The hard work and practice required on our playing fields directly translates into discipline and focus in our classrooms. Advantage Academy student athletes build the perseverance and self-motivation skills that inspire themselves, and their classmates, to achieve their dreams.

Advantage girls basketball team

The Rewards of Risk-Taking

Our athletic program offers opportunities for students of all skill levels to try out the sports that interest them, even if they’ve never played before. Students are encouraged to celebrate successes, but to also look at failure as opportunities to learn – building confident and fearless Champions on-and off-the field.

About Advantage Academy 
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