Faith and Family Friendly - What Is It Really?

Posted by Advantage Academy on 8/11/2021 9:00:00 AM

It’s in our mission. It’s part of our history. In a recent blog introducing all our schoolsour Principals indicated that it’s something they value most about our schools. 

But what does “Faith and Family Friendly” really mean at Advantage Academy?

It starts with our students. AA believes that every person consists of body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to educate the “whole child” – which means nurturing all three of these components. Each AA Eagle knows that they are uniquely created for a special purpose, and are valued. 

Advantage seniors praying before graduation

How does it work?

At AA, we create a faith-friendly environment that welcomes and engages students’ deeply-held beliefs and provides an inclusive culture of respect and acceptance to all individuals, no matter their beliefs. 

We teach about religion through the study of American history and literature, examining the inspirational leadership qualities of historical figures. 

We recognize January 16th as National Religious Freedom Day – an annual celebration of our Constitutional right to hold our own beliefs.

We offer an optional Bible elective for high school students who choose to learn in-depth about Christian history and literature. 

We partner with faith-based community organizations on mentoring opportunities and support services.

What about families?

Through our Family Engaged Learning program, we welcome families to partner with us as we teach about religion and faith. We offer resources to support our families as they examine school topics through the lens of their own values and beliefs, shaping students’ lives and their decision-making abilities. 

The Power of Why (POW) is an at-home and at-school interactive curriculum that is designed to improve each student’s understanding of their own character behaviors and how they fit with their family's foundational values. Each week during the Champion Advisory Period (CAP), our students are assigned a topic to discuss at home. These interactive topics help students be more motivated to learn at school as well as develop a deep understanding of their family values. 

What are our Freedoms? 

As a charter school, Advantage Academy upholds eight Student Freedoms outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. Not every AA Eagle may choose to observe these freedoms – but the choice is up to each student and their family. 

  • You can pray, read your Bible or other religious material, and talk about your faith at school.
  • You can organize prayer groups and religious clubs, and you can announce your meetings. 
  • You can express your faith in your class work and homework.
  • You can wear clothing with religious messages.
  • You may be able to go off campus to have religious studies during school hours.
  • You can express your faith at a school event.
  • You can express your faith at your graduation ceremony.
  • You can pass out religious literature at school.

Advantage students and families praying before school

“Faith and family friendly” is at the center of all Advantage Academy programs. Our ability to nurture the whole child empowers our students to be leaders in their school and community, to discover their gifts, and to utilize their skills to be the healthy and purposeful citizens that they were created to be. Contact us today to learn more!

About Advantage Academy 

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